Group Entries

When viewing Redirect and 404 Logs, all entries are displayed by default. That means you can view all the latest statistics in chronological order.

But when you start getting more hits, logs can quickly become hard to read.

That's why you can group entries and display them in a more neat fashion.

How to Group Entries?

  1. Go to Settings -> 301 Redirects
  2. Open Redirects or 404 Log
  3. Below the graphs, on the right side, you will see the "Group" button

Click on the drop-down menu where you can select from three different options of grouping:

  • No Grouping (default)
  • Group by URL
  • Group by IP

After that, your entries will be grouped by URL or IP, giving you more understanding of what's going on. 

You can now easily see how many times a single redirect or 404 error has been activated. You can also see if a single source (IP) triggered multiple redirects, etc.

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