Can I use Wildcard Characters?

You can use * as a wildcard character in source URLs. It replaces any string of zero or more characters.

Example 1: 

From: /blog/* will redirect to:
  •  /blog/some-post/
  •  /blog/some-other-post/
  • /blog/anything-else/
  • etc. 

Example 2:

You can also use it inside the URL. For example, the rule:  /blog/*/news/ will redirect any pages that match that pattern:
  • /blog/01-06-2020/news/
  • /blog/02-06-2020/news/
  • /blog/03-06-2020/news/
  • etc.

Example 3:

From: /my*page/ will redirect to:

  • /my-first-page/
  • /my-second-page/
  • /my-3rd-page/
  • etc.

Zero Characters

The Wildcard also matches 0 characters. Here's the example

For example /my*page/ will also match /mypage/


Slashes are treated like any other character. That means that the same example above will catch   /my/page/ as well.
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