Link Details

After scanning your site for problematic outgoing links and seeing the results, you can show details for each scanned page.

How to see details about each link?

Click on the "Open Details" next to the page you want to inspect more closely. This will open a new window with the details about all the links. The problematic links will be located on the top, and you can recognize them by the red link icon located on the left-hand side of the screen.

Besides the icon that indicates problematic links, each row will display the following stats for each outgoing link:

  • Anchor text/URL
  • Page title
  • Target rel attributes
  • Redirect status
  • Google Web risk
  • Adult content
  • Domain inbound links
  • Domain Alexa rank
  • Domain language
  • Malware status

In order to isolate any of the scanned links, simply click on the icon next to the anchor text/URL. It will open your post or page, and show you where the link is located. This will allow you to quickly find the problematic link and replace it, redirect, or do anything you want with it.

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